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What Local Business Should Know About Tracking Google My Business Insights

By Mark Firehammer | Industry News

Oct 08

For local businesses, Google My Business Insights gives you a clear look at how customers are finding your listing and what actions they take. 

Accessing this information a regular basis is an excellent way to measure  the effect of the effort to attract local customers to your business.

Your Google My Business dashboard is home base for this important information and a perfect way for you to understand the success of your business. 

Google My Business Insights

It was one a cumbersome task to keep a history of your Google My Business insights. It involved taking screenshots and pasting them into documents, or manually typing insight values into a spreadsheet.

Since July 2017 it's been a breeze.  

download your insights Instead

There have been lots of Google My Business over the last couple of years and maybe this is one that you missed! Business owners can download spreadsheets of information like this -

  • How often customers call the business from you listings including the times of day.
  • Discovery Insights that show you how customers are finding your listings and the actions that they take.
  • Show you how often photos of your listings are viewed.
Download Your Google My Business Insights

Just go to your GMB dashboard, put a check next to the location you want the downloads for, select the actions menu and click insights.

knowing your numbers Related to strategy

Online foundation area of the 3 WinsUnPuzzled

Knowing your online numbers falls in the Online Foundation area of the 3 wins puzzle.

It's a really important piece because it's one of those that is setting the stage for marketing wins by beginning with the end in mind.

If you're following a principally oriented model for success, that means you have a vision of what that success looks like.

Vision = The Goal

The next step in the process is to take inventory on what is now. Knowing your numbers from Google my business tells you part of that.

Inventory = What is now and what is needed

That forms your baseline, and you can then decide what specific actions are needed to accomplish  a specific aspect of your vision or goal.

Action = The things that you do to achieve the goal informed by the inventory.

Success V. I. A. Principled Process

Vision + Inventory + Action = success

Learn about where all the important pieces of your digital marketing foundation belong and how they work together. 

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