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Affiliate Disclosure

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Affiliate Disclosure

In compliance with guidelines from the FTC ( Federal Trade Commission) please understand that many or all links found in posts, articles, images and lists found on this website are affiliate links.

Mark Firehammer / / is a participant in numerous affiliate advertising programs which are designed specifically to provide a way for sites like this one to earn some extra money to cover the costs of running the site.

What’s An Affiliate Link You Ask!

Affiliate links means that 3 Wins may receive a small sales commission when certain items are purchased by users of this site. How this works is that there is a special tracking code that is used to keep track of purchases that are made of the products and services that are recommended here. The price of the item is the same to the purchaser whether it’s an affiliate link or not. The affiliate link simply helps me to cover the costs of maintaining the site and supporting my business and family.

Sometimes I may use a link that provides a discount code for a specific item. In those cases I may still earn a small commission and the price may actually be  LESS for the person that clicks the link which is always great, as we all like to save money when we can!

If you choose to purchase one of the products or services that I recommend here either on, or I’m grateful because they help to support my personal mission of helping as many businesses as possible be successful using the Internet for marketing! The links to many of the products and services that I talk about in the command can be found altogether on the Valuable Resources Page.

About the Links That I Use

Whenever I post a link to a product or service it’s going to be one that we use ourselves, and many of the clients of Attract More Clients use. Unless it is stated otherwise the affiliate links that I use represents products that I have purchased myself or for my clients. I don’t accept any free products and services for the recommendations that I make.  I will also always disclose the affiliate relationship with the company’s product or service and the ways that myself and my company are benefited financially if and when someone clicks on a link and chooses to buy the product or service.

About Affiliate Relationships

It is important to note that the products that I recommend and use myself are all purchased from a third party company that I neither own nor control, or have any financial stake in. The only relationship is the affiliate relationship unless otherwise disclosed when a different relationship exists.

That’s the reason that it’s not my responsibility to ensure that products and services purchased through links affiliate links here on / or from the third-party companies meet your satisfaction or help you to be successful with your marketing. Any problems or concerns that you have with one of these third-party services should be directed to the company that provides the service through their support channels.

Copyrights Reserved

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Simply put, all of the content found here is owned by Mark Firehammer / / and is protected in its entirety by the copyright laws of the United States of America as well as other countries. / reserves the right to change the website which includes deleting content adding new content, features and services in any way that we choose for any reason or no reason at all! claims and reserves all rights including any of which not expressly granted in and to the content and the website.