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Foundation + Process = Success

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Digital Marketing Tools and Trainings

Let us help you understand what to do next with your marketing so you can start growing your business. 


problems solved-benefits gained


  • 1
    Not knowing where to start with digital marketing.
  • 2
    Losing money paying for marketing that doesn’t produce results.
  • 3
    Paralyzed by too many choices and too much information.


  • 1
    It’s an understandable reference to the proper order of things in digital marketing.
  • 2
    It provides the context needed to minimize failures and plan for success.
  • 3
    It’s a pocket reference of expertise that eliminates the need to become an expert.

Why You Need To Join

Many businesses have yet experienced the predictable and scalable growth that digital marketing has long promised.

  • Trade Frustration And Concern About Marketing For Excitement And Confidence
  • Learn The Secrets Of A Strong Marketing Foundation
  • Understand How To Ensure Every Piece Is In Place In Support Of Your Marketing Efforts

The 3 W.I.N.s Project Highlights

Level I Scorecard

Your scorecard spells out in detail the current state of the jigsaw puzzle that is your marketing foundation.

3 W.I.N.s . Completed Marketing Puzzle

The  3 Wins Core Proficiencies

  • Social Media Marketing and Management

  • E-mail Marketing

  • Highly Optimized Conversion Funnels

  • Landing Page Optimization

  • Paid Traffic Including Facebook Ads

  • Content Marketing

  • Search Marketing

  • Data and Analytics

expertise at your fingertips

Eliminate the need to become an expert and fix your marketing foundation via our free knowledge base of expertise.

advanced tools & strategies

Eliminate costly mistakes and unlock potential with a list of professionally vetted marketing tools and resources.

Get instant access to the 3 Wins Project now!

For a limited time access to 3 wins level I is absolutely free to all businesses. Click the button below and get your team started on your scorecard which guides the process of getting your foundation reset and primed for renewed results from your marketing efforts.

What people are saying:

So much knowledge...

So much knowledge! I am always a fan of a professional that is willing to share information and knowledge. Mark's 3 W.I.N.s program has made sure that my business partner and I know our options for building our business!

Katrina hawley //  Pilates studio owner

Beyond my expectations...

Outstanding and so far above and beyond my expectations. I learned how to improve my customer base and have doubled my bottom line!

John Grayson //  educator

level I Setting the Foundation
planning for Increased Results

Did you know that?

  • There are more than 100 potential points for failure in the modern businesses marketing foundation
  • The pieces of a marketing foundation are interdependent, working together to produce results.
  • The results of your actions, are either limited or enhanced by a healthy foundation.
  • Level 1 will show you how to fix your foundation to get enhanced results from your ongoing actions.
  • There's only one reason not to join the 3 wins project..... If you don't want increased results!

The 3 W.I.N.s Project Levels

In 3 W.I.N.s, every level takes the success of your marketing efforts higher and higher, because it's principally oriented approach , beginning with setting the foundation, followed by a mastermind for setting up that executing a single high converting strategy. Then followed by a mastermind on how to take control of every metric and analytics and begin stacking your wins like the pros.

Level I: Setting the Foundation

This is where you learn the state of the jigsaw puzzle known as your marketing foundation. Then follow the instructions on completing that puzzle to create the strongest possible foundation for your efforts. Setting the foundation is a universal step in winning anything; sports, business, relationships , and yes marketing!

Level 2: Single Strategy, Planning And Execution

Available as a group mastermind or as a private session with just your team. We will mastermind the choice of a single digital strategy based upon your goals and needs. Build that strategy using agency level tools and set you up for getting a baseline of analytics to prepare you for level 3.

Level 3:  Stacking The Wins

Also available as a group mastermind or as a private session with just your team. We will mastermind and set you up for taking your level 2 strategy to higher and higher levels to comprehensive and systematic split testing.  You'll be learning how to systematically and predictably move the needle toward a higher success on any analytic you choose, from click through to conversion in your sales pipeline. Get ready to stack the wins.

Mark Firehammer //  Creator

I live in western Massachusetts with my partner Katrina and our two cats.

It is been my dream for over a decade to figure out how to put 20 years of experience and expertise into a system designed to give businesses  the confidence of knowing what to do next without becoming an expert themselves. I'm grateful for the opportunity to fulfill that dream.

I hope you'll join me in this endeavor and I look forward to hearing your story about how the 3 wins project made a difference for your business.

Mark Firehammer

the 3 W.I.N.s project
it's the box to your puzzle

The Box to Your Marketing Foundation

having access to the box is the key to assembling the puzzle

The Best Time to Start Getting setting the stage for increased results is Now!

Knowledge is power which the 3 W.I.N.s project gives you for free. But nothing ever happens without action. Get started on your Level 1 Scorecard and quickly discover exactly what actions you need to take to start getting better results.



100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Level 1 Access is FREEfor all businesses but there are numerous opportunities to pay for help when you need it.

If you do, you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you are not absolutely satisfied with the results of what you purchase just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Mark Firehammer

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